Want a FREE Full Moon Mercy ebook????

As a way to say thank you to everyone who has made Full Moon Mercy successful, I’m running an offer right now… so listen up!


Anyone who purchases THE SECRET WOLF & THE TRUE BEAST is entitled to a FREE upcoming Full Moon Mercy novel! How? SIMPLE. Send me your proof of purchases to AnaFawkes@gmail.com and I’ll put your name on a list. When the Full Moon Mercy ebook novella is live, you’ll receive your copy for FREE! It’s really that simple.


Thank you for reading! And if you haven’t read yet… get over to theĀ FULL MOON MERCY PAGE and start reading!!!!



  1. Danell Cain

    how do we send you proof of purchase on purchases of Full Moon Mercy books if we purchase them on our Kindle Fire?

    • AnaFawkes

      There should be an email address linked to your account. That’s where the receipts go.

  2. Dawn Newton

    I read ur2 books in the series of the full moon mercy I want the dark monster now I got to know what happens to Debbie if she had his wolf child and what about Vince and lucid I need to know

    • AnaFawkes

      Thanks for reading!!!! The third book will be coming soon!

  3. Susie Jackson

    I just finished reading both books of full moon mercy ! How do I show proof I bought them on amazon via kindle

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